We offer support for businesses and organizations who want to organize a FREE mass CPR training event in their town.

This service is always free. Contact us with the details of your plan, and we can send you the 10-Minute training video, along with lesson plans and other information to help you organize the event. Order the books to be given free at your event first!

"Then" contact us for video and packet of information!   Sold at cost, no profit to Medical Security Team or the author; $3 ea. 

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In many Las Vegas casinos, where a defibrillator can reach a person in cardiac arrest within 2-minutes, they are saving more than 60% of those people! The AED (defibrillator) is THE KEY to survival. Early CPR, and the prompt arrival of an AED, makes ALL the difference! You can learn CPR, and how to operate an AED, in our short classes. You could save a life!

This training is focused on the celebrity and high-profile client, who can train several people in their staff to serve as a Medical Security Team. The need for "personal security" is well-accepted, but few have anyone trained as Medical Security. It is our goal to make "Medical Security" as routine as personal security.

This class is ONE-HOUR, and includes a medical response bag with all the needed emergency equipment, including a breathing resuscitator, suction device, material to control serious bleeding (including a tourniquet) Narcan for possible opioid overdose, and an AED/Defibrillator.

Our trainers are licensed Paramedics or certified EMT's. We offer the highest caliber of training, and personnel who have undergone background checks and careful vetting. We offer extreme confidentiality, and a unique training program that is unrivaled.

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At annual re-training; Narcan will be replaced, AED Pads and AED batteries will be replaced before expiration date.

Note: Maximum class size, for initial class, and re-training class, is (5) people.

5-Minute CPR TM mass training events

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