Medical Security Team TM


1. Free "5-Minute CPR" Mass Training Events.

2. Place more donated AED's in high-risk public locations that can't afford one.

3. Get AED's placed in more business locations, and train employees to use them.

4. Place tourniquets in AED boxes at new and existing AED locations, plus a sticker

    on the box, "Tourniquet Inside."

5. Have one of the nation's largest home builders join us, and begin to place AED's

     in their new homes, making the "washer/dryer" area the standard location for

     home AED's. This should become the new norm, as other builders join the effort.

     (Most cardiac arrests, about 70%, occur in the home!)

6. Train high-profile clients and celebrities' staff in "Medical Security," and equip

     them with an AED, Narcan, and other basic medical equipment. Make "Medical

     Security" as common place as personal security.

We will work with a major car company, who will host Mass CPR Training events at their participating dealerships, and we offer help in setting up our free 5-Minute (Adult Hands Only) CPR Mass Training events at these and other locations, supplying the 10-Minute video, lesson plan, and other guidance, free.

We will work with a major ambulance company to provide supervision of CPR manikin practice at these mass training events.

We will work with a major manufacturer of defibrillators (AED's) to place more AED's in public locations, and to help us work with home builders to make AED's in new homes the norm.

We provide the companion book for the mass CPR training events; "5-Minute CPR: A Paramedic's Guide to Simple CPR" at printing cost, of $3 per book, with NO profit to Medical Security Team or the book's author! (We plan on offering this book free to these mass training events, as our business expands.)