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This is a long blurb, but important...

I'm Lance Hodge, I have A BIG idea.

I Founded Medical Security Team in 2017, with two ideas, train more people in CPR, First Aid, and the use of the AED (defibrillator) and offer specialized "Medical Security" training for high-profile/celebrity clients.

After more than a decade as a Los Angeles City Fire Department Paramedic, and after hurting my back carrying a man down a flight of stairs, I could no longer work in the Fire Department. I began teaching a college EMT course, and for more than 25 years taught thousands of EMT students those life-saving skills.

Early on, I saw the need for change, realizing that our EMS system had failed at significantly increasing the percentage of lives saved from cardiac arrest.

Paramedics were developed in the late 60's to do just that, to improve the 'save' rate from cardiac arrest, which was then only 5%. That effort, now 50 years later, has failed to deliver. Today, still, we're only saving around 5% of people in cardiac arrest. (Some studies show maybe 10%)

Now, with Medical Security Team, and a unique program of short videos that teach CPR, AED operation, First Aid, and other medical interventions in a simple, and quick format, things can change.

With a new paradigm of FREE, rapid 5-Minute CPR mass training events, including simple education in the operation of the AED, we can begin to improve the dismal statistics related to death from cardiac arrest.

With the help of major corporations and other businesses, we can train millions of people, and work to place more defibrillators in high-risk public locations. Medical Security Team helps to sponsor those FREE 5-Minute mass CPR training events, and offers a unique "Medical Security" training program for our high-profile/celebrity clients.

Several years ago, following the expanded adoption of the concept of "Hands Only" CPR, (doing chest compressions only, with NO breaths) I further simplified this training in my book "5-Minute CPR: A Paramedic's Guide to Simple CPR," and developed a 5-Minute training video to teach this simple skill. That video is used in our training, with some expansion to include a discussion of the importance of CPR and defibrillation; the entire training program video is still less than 10-Minutes long! Practice on a CPR manikin can be included, and completed in about ONE minute per person! Making our Mass CPR training program a true innovation in how to teach these important skills.

In 2016, the singer "Prince" died, and I felt compelled to do "something." Too many celebrity, and other deaths, are avoidable. An opioid overdose is reversible, if a simple and safe medication, (Narcan) that can be easily administered nasally, is available. In cardiac arrest, if a defibrillator reaches the person in the first couple of minutes, THAT might also be reversed! Because of the death of Prince, I wrote another little book; "The Celebrity's Guide to Medical Security."

I knew the problems; people don't know how to do CPR, and the defibrillator arrives too late to help. Calling 9-1-1 isn't enough, they arrive too late!

And that's why I'm doing this. We can fix this. We can save thousands and thousands of lives. With mass CPR training, and with the development of the concept of "Medical Security" for those high-profile/celebrity clients, lives will be saved.

The "business" part of this plan is that high-profile/celebrity training. That business, will create the funds to allow me to get more AED's placed at more and more high-risk public locations, and to sponsor the free books on simple CPR given to every participant at those mass training events.

With more people trained in CPR, and more defibrillators available to the public, and in people's homes, we can change the survival rates from cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association estimates that increasing cardiac arrest survival to just 20%, will save more than 50,000 lives every year!

Join me. Make this happen!

In the next months, I will approach several large corporations to ask for their support. I want a major car company to join me, to hold those mass CPR training events at their participating dealerships. I want a major ambulance company to join me, to help supervise the CPR practice at some of those mass training events. I want a major manufacturer of defibrillators to join me, and to donate some AED's, so that more can be made available in high-risk public places. I'm also going to approach a major home builder, who will hopefully join this effort by beginning to place AED's in their newly built homes!  And, I need large celebrity Talent Agencies to join me, so that they can get that Medical Security Team training to the people surrounding their high-profile clients.

Note: As these high-profile clients are educated in the importance of early CPR and early defibrillation, the word will spread, and our mass CPR events will become more widely available!

I look forward to partnering with those big businesses, who will join me on this mission to save thousands of lives.

Contact me for help in setting up a 5-Minute CPR Mass Training event in your town!

   Lance Hodge

Lance Hodge

Paramedic/Founder of Medical Security Team