Medical Security Team TM

a new approach to life-saving public training

Founded in 2017, Medical Security Team is unique; with the development of our FREE 5-Minute CPR training program, mass CPR training can finally be accomplished quickly, and simply. "Hands Only" CPR is taught in about 5-Minutes, and the basics of AED (defibrillator) operation in only a couple of minutes. CPR manikin practice can be completed in about ONE minute!

The entire training class takes less than 10-Minutes!

In less than 15 minutes (if manikin practice is included) participants have learned all this life-saving information; quick, simple, and FREE.

We're re-writing the book on how to conduct a mass CPR training event!


Contact us today. We'll give you everything you need to organize a FREE CPR training event in your town!

For the high-profile/celebrity client, our "Medical Security Team" training teaches those close to the client: CPR, AED, First Aid, and the use of specialized emergency equipment, including Narcan for possible opioid overdose. The Medical Security Team training includes all this equipment and an AED. The course is just ONE HOUR, and we come to your location to do the training. Limited to (5) participants.

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